Metamorphosis (In III Steps)

Stan and I were an unstoppable duo, and he helped me rebuild my life post-divorce. Making weird art, hanging out, going on hikes, and holding him tempered so much disappointment and loss. I have edited and retitled several works from that time to make them more cohesive. Thank you, sweet Stan!


spend all your time
in a house far too spacious
for a small woman and her large dog


the dog takes up two-thirds of our bed, two heads
on the same pillow

back-to-back, spine-to-spine, vertebrae
softly align

he turns upside down, four paws easing into the air
drooping grayed pasterns downward


in a cloak of crumbling plaster
and twisted-pair cabling crown

tarnished copper veins ache
for a heart that long stopped ringing

she emerges from her brick chrysalis
and spreads her asbestos-tiled wings

with none but the dog to witness

(Image description: Female polyphemus moth resting on a brick windowsill.)