New Ways to Hurt

My old neighbors were super cool and allowed me to walk around my yard in various stages of disheveled, emotional despair without commenting.  When the house was put up for sale, and my pup went to stay with my parents, their Shih-Tzu hung out with me.   Lucy is an angel.  She would show up when I needed her most and would let me carry her.  She calmed my heart.  Enough time has passed for me to thank her, to set the stage with an appropriate context.  This is For Lucy.

for lucy

dear poetry editor,

have you ever argued
on top of a school bus?

he says something hurtful
so you shout your truth back
a resonant display
of one word on delay

runs across the lawn
weaves around the wheels
pleading come back down

you descend, hold her paws
talk through work you
submitted for publication
8 months before a response!

blessed is the unknown
far from mundane truth
and new ways to hurt

poems attached for your consideration

PS – rejections are just e-mails now?
no fancy letterhead or anything?