Make Something Meaningful

I’ve been crazy busy since 3/13.   My main focus has been managing hardware and software vendors, so that my company’s employees can work from home to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

My routines are weird.  I’ve been slacking on transcribing the images and words of my subconscious.  I keep lying to myself and saying “I’ll remember in the morning.”   I sleep in.  I roll into my sleazy 70s den which serves as a home office.  I work. I am grateful to work! I do puzzles. I watch trash TV.  I bake.  I sleep.  I try my damndest to breathe, create, an make something meaningful.

If you are looking to be uplifted in a time of uncertainty, if you are an artist looking for a method to connect with other creators, if you want to smile: please check out MakeSomethingMeaningful.Org.

Chris Zielski, the amazing artist of Copperleaf Studios, has given the world a lovely virtual space for celebrating creativity in this weird time.

Make art and weird words.  Eat carbs.  Help others.  Make something meaningful!

I’ll have new poems posting weekly again, starting tomorrow!