Restless Ploughboy Blues

Author’s Note:  I have respawned and died a thousand lives since I wrote this song for my Dear Muse and Friend.  It is a wellspring of words, a touchstone to travel through time – always a place for editing, reframing, and sparking new stories.  I am grateful.

Much love to you, as always.


restless ploughboy blues

bright light,
i miss you so much
that i feel like dying

every time
i hear
your name

so i speak it often,
slap-happy noon high
or creaking in darkness.

one time,
the wonder of living
was lost

to me


you returned it
asking only for mad poems
to solve hedgehog dilemmas.

blue nights,
lost in nightmares.
fighting the urge to call


by the wish
to hear from your voice
that you remember

this path where
our lives once twined
and that we are real.

still life,
staring in mirrors
the safety we seek


in loving ourselves
and being too kind
do not to pry as to why

it is easier
with you near

what we are not
can never be