Timechange Blues

It’s dark in the morning and the sun sets early.

I bought a new LED headlamp to walk the dog. I look like a coal miner on the way to her shift with disposable dogshit bags peeking out of a flannel jacket.

We like this routine, lab and I. Walking November streets, illuminating frozen Halloween decorations with blue-white lamp-beams.

Lab and I chip away at the coal-black seams of morning.

Each day is a promise of sunless nothing.

We shoot it through with light.

november jack-o-lantern

the plagued autumn dawns

a broken soul with vacant eyes
waits for a flame to light the way

frost begs the sun from knowing
she never lived for herself at all

carved as a diversion
scraping the strands of her mind

good things must falter
cold and gutted on the doorstep

we were never meant to survive the fall