Soviet Lampposts

📸: Photo – 29-SEP-2019 – A photo I took out of my hotel window when I couldn’t sleep in Reykjavik.

Poem:  Scribblings from a hotel near the airport, prior to flight back to the USA.  01-OCT-2019.

reaching a higher plane of understanding via insomnia

jet engines roar past the airport hotel
lifting my hurt into the purpled sky
as we once sought to ascend pain together

back when i thought the higher plane of understanding
meant finding our way back
instead of moving forward, alone

i count the streetlights outside of my window
sleek, elongated rectangles on the ends of delicate arcs
bright, halogen rays that fade at sunrise

there were luxurious depths
of time and care we spent on each other
and a day simply dawned when we couldn’t