The Great White North


heading to the pass
the larch trees
turned turmeric yellow.

I missed my best friend,
I longed to return to him,
but didn’t want to leave
the paradise
as the snow softly fell
with slats of eyes –
gone in a flash.

i missed that mountain every day
yet, I never knew it until that walk
for three decades I knew nothing
it doesn’t matter now.
i belonged there once
i belong there still.

i saw the trees turn yellow
i saw the fisher’s glare
the snowstorms never bothered me
like the thought of leaving there

i missed my friend in absence
i miss that country now
if I could have both my loves
could someone tell me how?

IMG_9443(Berg Lake Trail, Canada – 13-SEP-2017.  The first leg of a 25 mile day hike)