Nightmare Careers

I have a frequent dream it’s the apocalypse and I’m a midwife with zero experience or relevant knowledge.  It’s mayhem! Everybody is in pain, dying, bleeding, deformed. One lady ends up giving birth to a glowing hand – only a hand!

It’s the level of stress I imagine that a Denny’s waitress experiences on a night-shift during prom.  The whole time I’m just thinking “I’m totally not qualified for this and humanity is doomed!”


post-apocalyptic midwife blues

hello, my stillborn nightmare, fading
in the light of a particolored aura

a right hand with
black, beady eyes
on the longest finger
weeping vitreous fluid
streaming blood
from a corded wrist

i lay the unnamed thing
in a shallow grave
where all the flowers glow
when scattered upon it

farewell, my stillborn nightmare, fading
in the night of my everlasting horror