Minute Poem

Life can be inspirational and frustrating. Mindfulness is often difficult. This morning, due to my hurry and lack of awareness, I dropped a glass bottle that shattered under the wheels of my car.

I thought about Anna Marie Bowers’ Blog, Minute Mentastics.  Her blog provides one-minute examples of mindful movements that help to improve the mind-body connection.  Being present reduces stress and anxiety.

The shattered glass took about a minute to scoop up. I thought of how Anna Marie would write about mindfully and carefully cleaning.

I used this time to be aware of how I was holding my stress, how my cold fingertips differentiated between glass and ice, how the asphalt and water felt against my knees.  I usually get upset with myself in moments of clumsiness, but focusing on what my body was accomplishing helped me to center.

After the glass was cleared from the driveway, I checked my hands. No new injuries, just old scars and familiar lines.

When I finally made my way to work, an albino squirrel crossed my path.

If I left on time that would never have happened.  Sometimes things break and that’s ok!

broken morning blues

a cold spring dawn sticks
thick against my tonsils
i’m late for work!

i drop a bottle in the rush
the sharp slivers scatter
under the wheels of my car

i fall to my knees on the asphalt
grasping shards with unfeeling fingertips
my jeans soak up ice water

i fall into the rhythm of usefulness
cleaning up a broken morning
to find peace in a required task

there’s an albino squirrel watching me
i don’t know the meaning
but i’m glad to be here!