Vegas Musings

vegas is a weird place. a sheer show of ornate debauchery. it scares me, it overwhelms me, it’s worth seeing.

two quick poems!

sin city blues – first impressons, real pretty fluff. practiced prose as pitiful as a balcony suicide.

vegas truths – weird moments that connected me to reality in a town of illusion.

sin city

the wholesome isolation
of desert silence
is staked and lost
on glittering waste
and luxurious anonymity

exciting nights and bright lights
mask the cold loneliness
of a frenzied crowd
it’s a good trick,
until sunrise calls

daylight slays a city
of emotional vagrants
we choose not to understand the illusion
we gather up broken expectations
to find hope again
to gain clarity
to win it all
through what a roulette bet
and desert sunrise
can tell to searching souls

vegas truths

the first night
i set foot on the strip
a stranger spit on me
it trickled down my thigh
to my ankle
to the cement
i try not to think about it

a duck lives
in the bellagio fountain
and i yelled at her
“hey, you don’t belong here!”
she swam away
while an unholy mist
anointed my face
i hope we meet again

the truth is,
i don’t know what to believe
i don’t like to gamble
but i like to give money
to every busker i see