Hotel Hell

A nightmare, and the lyrics I dreamed within the nightmare.  I can’t figure out how to separate them but am open to feedback!

tower on main

august dreams
of running down hallways
trapped in a mad hotel

the lobby sign spells
“The Tower On Main”
in bold gold lettering

in a tower on Main I found you
crying tears of shame
or maybe you reached me first
to teach me a fearless two-step

we are brave, side-by-side
holding onto each other
stepping down dark hallways

two scared kids
opening every door
in a haunted house

our souls only shine in darkness
boldly embroidered by faith
our fingertips trace these patterns
and we sway together in time

each room is a vile and gaudy hellscape:
orgies, opium dens, overdoses,
violence of every kind!

we scream our hearts out
but never despair

any door opened is a new start
of troubles and trials
and sometimes we’ll part –
if only momentarily!

exploring together
we dance and know peace
the simple joy of movement

we tell stories of our past lives
and whisper false narratives
of the people we think we are

in a tower on Main I found you
down and almost out
or maybe i was drowning
until you came about

you open a door
with a swift artistic gesture
hot air of a city summer night rushes in

my house stands safe
shining in the distance

so i run for it

don’t fear the pain here,
just hold me, my dear
in a tower on Main we found truth:
this life is only a dream


(17-NOV-2018 – Nashville, TN)