Belated Valentine

Every year, around Valentine’s Day, I long for the joy of Spring.  I know that real warmth is a few months away, but my whole heart desires it.

In February there are small victories.  It stays light later in the day.  I go on more walks after work. The birds get rowdy.  Chocolate is everywhere, on sale, and ripe for the taking. The whole earth seems to know a secret: the thrill of anticipation is often sweeter than the event.

Audio Note: I’m trying something different!  A few friends have told me they don’t ‘get’ poetry, or like reading it.  Do you like hearing it any better? Would you like listening to me talk with other weird nerds about weird words?

Image Note: I took this photo with a Canon SLR from the bathroom of our rental bungalow in Akron.  I balanced with my feet on the rim of the old cast iron tub, steadying the camera on top of the open window.  The dog looked on, judgmentally.  Most of the photos I took were blurry, since I was laughing at how stupid I looked.  I’m glad I took my shot: the thaw, the moon between two icicles, that elusive Mid-February Feeling.

one more cleveland winter

do not fear the cold of march
for nothing is eternal

wildflowers will bloom
in the frozen soil
after many false starts,
and blighting frosts

relentless setbacks
to an inchoate spring
will give way to
warmth, hope,
and beauty.

our spirits endure
the same transformations

if our souls survive death
surely, they will make it
through one more

(13-FEB 2014 – Copley, Ohio)