Christmas Miracle

My 2-year-old niece got a kaleidoscope for Christmas.   It was fun showing her how it works. She was mesmerized by the endless combination of elaborate patterns and the play of light across the mirrors.

She worked really hard to coordinate her movements, and was finally able to do it herself.  Nobody can perceive the designs in exactly the way she sees them.

Life is pretty cool like that.


introspective artists
must strive to convey
the universe’s


set into motion,
the jagged pieces
all become endless
combinations of
arabesque perfection.


we accept transience,
our lack of control,
the ever-changing
colored images
of loss and beauty.


what are the chances
that these broken bits
dovetailed with light waves
can brighten our lives
so momentarily?


to burn a brave image
into ardent minds.
one that never fades,
even when the scope
has shifted.